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You're viewing the website of the Knollwood Seniors Men's Golf Club (KSMGC) in the northern San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA.  We are a fine group of Seniors with common interests...... Playing golf at a reasonable price, enjoying life, camaraderie, a beer now and then, and staying healthy...We are playing four events on Wednesdays each month consisting of one "away" and 3 "home" tournaments which means we play more events than any other men's club in the area.   Check it out on the schedule.  Our club is unique in that we have the cooperation of management at Knollwood Golf Course for our events and meetings.  It works for everyone & we welcome new members.  

If you need more information about becoming a member of KSMGC contact our Membership Chairman


Mike Rieken  818-399-9510

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Please note that schedule has been revised for the remainder of the calendar year due to the impact of Covid 19

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